Tuesday, September 06, 2022

GPSgames.org Crashed

The server hosting GPSgames.org crashed on August 19, 2022. It took me until September 6 to get it restored.

As before the crash, the game engines still only have limited service. Players can still review the archives of old games, but no new games will be started. The last game of Geodashing was played in July, 2021. The other games at GPSgames.org are mostly in the same state, although Shutterspot was left running for submission of "finds". When the domain registration eventually expires, the website GPSgames.org will likely go away, too. In that case the only thing left of the game will be this blog, hosted on another domain and server. So bookmark it.

When the server crashed, my email service did, too. So, Scout@GPSgames.org did not receive mail for three weeks. When the domain expires, that email address will go away, too, so update your contact lists now. My new email address (actually, a very old one that I just never used) is gpsgames@gmail.com. That one will last as long as Google's Gmail service does, or at least as long as it remains free. Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even the sun will burn out.

I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an email if you've made it here. My email is gpsgames@gmail.com.