Saturday, January 06, 2024 is Gone

It's finally happened. Death eventually comes to everything. The databases and (corrupted) game engines at have finally been taken offline completely. This is not reversible. This is permanent.

All that's left is this blog. It can still be reached via the domain name The domain name will exist and remain associated with Geodashing for a few more years, just in case anyone comes looking for Geodashing, or Minutewar, or any of the other games that used to be run on this site. And there might be a blog update now and then, if something related to GPS gaming comes across my desk that I think might be of general interest. And if anyone else ever has anything to share, commenting is open. And my email address, will remain functional and monitored for as long as the domain is alive.

That's all for now.

Getting There is All the Fun.


G0DJA said...

I'm sorry that the GPSgames system is gone. I enjoyed my adventures travelling to dashspots.

Dave (Morseman)

Jim said...
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